At 4D Guest Ranch we place a premium on hospitality.  We believe that the client is king, and our focus is on making them feel like a part of our family.  Our staff is key to this mission, and they are relentless in their desire to provide an optimal experience for our customers.  Learn more about them below.   


Amy Patene

Bryan and Karen, owners of 4D Guest Ranch, have been involved with the day to day operations for the past eleven years.  They founded the ranch with the breeding operation for white tail deer in 1996.  Don't be surprised to find Karen behind the bar or Bryan clearing plates from the dinner table.  They take special pride in attending to every guest at the ranch.



Andrea and Shannon are Bryan and Karen's daughters and are responsible for sales and marketing at 4D Guest Ranch. They also run bookings for the ranch and all social media efforts.  Andrea can also often be found behind the bar making the meanest cocktail in Waelder. 



Paul can usually be found with a rum and coke in his hand.  He runs the day-to-day operations of the ranch, and ensures that the expectations of guests are continuously exceeded.  Make sure to ask him about his tie-dyed Weimar t-shirt.



Robbie is the head outfitter at 4D and runs all hunting operations at the ranch.  He is also responsible for leading the best all around whitetail guides on the planet, bar none!