We maintain a close relationship with Long Rifle LLC, an advisory firm that teaches precision long-range shooting.  Long Rifle’s shoot courses are designed to foster the skills necessary for sportsmen to engage long-range targets accurately and consistently in uncertain environments.  Their instructor pool is composed of a group of highly trained US Marine Corps Scout Snipers with the unique ability to translate their individual experiences into effective results for the student. 


Periods of instruction in the standard course include:

  • Rifle Overview & Zero
  • Shooter Support Methods
  • Interior & Exterior Ballistics
  • Wind 101 & Mitigation Techniques
  • Rifle Qualification- Known & Unknown Distances
  • Shooter Competitions

Custom courses can be also be designed to teach:

  • Camouflage & concealment
  • Stalking and glassing
  • Operational considerations

The standard shoot course is one day in length. They are typically preceded by dinner and an overnight stay at the ranch. 

Course offerings and stays associated with them can be customized to meet the duration or content desires of individual clients.  

Students in the standard course gain a firm understanding of:

  • Basic long rifle proficiency
  • Position & support fundamentals
  • Exterior ballistics
  • Wind reading & range estimation
  • Known distance shooting

Learn more about Long Rifle HERE:


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